Opalescense Boost PF: A Fast, Easy Way to Brighten Your Smile

How would you like whiter, brighter teeth in just forty minutes?  That’s exactly what can happen when you visit Foutz Family Dental for an Opalescense Boost PF bleaching treatment.  Opalescense is part of the Ultra Dent dental product family, which has a proven track record.  Their Boost PF whitening gel has been found by many patients to be gentle, effective, and fast.

What Makes Opalescense Boost PF Better Than Other Bleaching Systems?

Opalescense Boost PF is a hydrogen peroxide gel that is chemically activated.  Many other bleaching systems require an ultraviolet light in order to be activated.  But, with this Opalescense product, the chemical activator is simply applied to the hydrogen peroxide gel right before application.

Besides easy activation, the Opalescense Boost PF gel has another benefit:  the addition of potassium nitrate and fluoride.  Potassium nitrate has been shown to reduce sensitivity, which has been the most common bleaching complaint among patients.  Those who experienced sensitivity would either not bleach regularly, or would avoid bleaching at all, because the sensitivity was too intense.  With the PF formula, more people than ever before are able to achieve a dazzling, whiter smile.

The fluoride in Opalescense Boost PF helps restore the enamel, thereby strengthening the teeth.  Improving enamel strength helps prevent bleaching-induced sensitivity, and also prevents decay.

How Long Does the Opalescense Boost PF System Take to Whiten Teeth?

This advanced bleaching system has significantly whitened our patient’s teeth in a very short amount of time.  Typically, all that is needed are two-forty minute sessions in our office.  We will activate and place the product on your teeth, and you get to relax for the remainder of the appointment.

Most of our patients are extremely happy with the results they see after these two appointments.  There are some who prefer even more whitening, so we offer other Opalescense products to be used at home.  Dr. Foutz oversees all of our patients’ whitening endeavors to make sure they’re achieving the desired results.

Opalescense Bleaching System: One Step Closer to a Brighter Smile

Patients who receive the Opalescense Boost PF treatment see truly amazing results.  With two-forty minute sessions, regular dental visits, and proper home care, dazzlingly white teeth can be yours quickly and easily.

Are you interested in achieving a brighter smile with minimal effort?  Then call our office and schedule a consultation.  We look forward to helping you get the bright, stunning smile you want!

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