Implants are a great solution for a variety of problems that
once were considered to be insolvable.

Dental Implants Henderson

Dental implants have become the gold standard in tooth replacement.

Until fairly recently, dentures and bridges were the only options for replacing missing teeth.  But, some people can’t or don’t want to wear dentures, and bridges require crowns on the adjacent teeth sometimes requiring removal of perfectly good tooth structure and may be difficult to effectively clean. The dental implant has none of these disadvantages.

Improved techniques and advances in the materials used for implants have made the permanent dental implant a better alternative for many people.

Las Vegas Dental Implant Patients Enjoy Many Benefits Such as:
  • Securing loose fitting dentures, especially lower dentures
  • Replacing a single missing tooth between two healthy teeth
  • Anchoring permanent bridges with up to six tooth units
  • Reducing the amount of bone lost after an extraction

A dental implant has three main components: a porous metal anchor, the connecting abutment or post, and the custom-made crown that is attached to it.

The implant anchor is designed to function as the root of a tooth, meaning it is placed entirely in the jawbone.  The bone will grow into the porous areas of the anchor and strongly lock it in place.  This process, known as osseointegration, takes three to six months.  (Often a temporary bridge is worn during this period).

When the anchor has become fully integrated into the bone, a mounting post is secured into it.  Finally, a specially designed crown is attached to the post and positioned at the gum line for a natural appearance.

Dental implants prevent bone loss and tooth movement.  When a tooth is removed, the bone that supported that tooth will resorb over time.  That will create a depression and collapse of the cheeks and lips, making the patient appear older than they are.

When implants are placed, the forces from chewing are transmitted through the restoration into the bone.  These forces stimulate the bone so that it maintains density and volume to support the implant, just as the bone surrounding natural teeth does.

The person considering implants should have healthy gums and adequate underlying bone structure to support the implants.  A thorough assessment by Dr. Foutz is necessary before beginning the process.  This will include a complete medical history, a general medical exam, an oral exam, and x-rays.

The Esthetics of Dental Implants Are Second to None

Individual implants mimic a natural tooth better than any other option in dentistry.  And unlike bridges, partials, or dentures, the strength of implant biting is often stronger than a natural tooth. Implants also make dental hygiene at home easier than other restorative procedures.

With the techniques and materials available today, and proper long-term care, implants can last many decades and hopefully for life.

For patients in Henderson and Las Vegas, dental implants are a wonderful way to restore missing teeth and prevent further damage down the road.

Would you like to know if dental implants are an option for you? 

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